Top Tips For Bid Writers According To Social Media

Bids And TendersOne expert in bid writing shared that in order to thrive in the bid and tender industry, a bid writer must have more than strong writing skills. It should only serve as his backup. To help guide your bid writers, listed below are ten tips you can use to successfully win in bids.

1. The knowledge about client’s requirements. It is important that your writer understands the client’s requirements. This way, you can be assured that your document is complying according to the evaluator’s criteria.

2. The knowledge of the industry. An ideal writer should be well-versed with the industry and it is best to demonstrate it through the proposals.

3. The technical knowledge. An ideal writer should have technical knowledge which would be very handy in cases of virtual meetings.

4. The flexibility. Because there will be times when you have to meet deadlines, an ideal writer should be flexible in working in long hours depending if the situation calls for it.

5. The speed in reading, understanding, and responding to questions. An ideal bid writer should be quick in understanding questions and should know how to create engaging and interesting responses to these questions.

All of these tips the Executive Compass has perfected in all their years of service in the bid and tender industry. They can do a wide range of services for instance bid support services which includes PQQ writing, tender writing, evidence, proofreading, and reviews. They also offer partial bid support which can include writing certain sections of the bid, case studies, organizational charts, and mobilization charts. Being with Executive Compass, you are already assured of the following benefits. More information here.

1. Time savings. They can write submissions in half the time it may take your in house.

2. Expert knowledge. They have a surplus of knowledge in almost all industries in their years of service.

3. Relief of pressure. With them, a huge weight is lifted off from your shoulders. Rest assured you are in good hands because they are proven and tested experts in the industry. You can focus on other aspects in your business.

FB Ads – 3 Criminal Defences Used By Lawyers

If criminal lawyers will prepare for a case, they must know what the charges are, the elements significant to the charges, the evidence that the prosecution has to prove their case, as well as the admissibility of the evidence. Depending on the charge as well as the circumstances surrounding the case, a criminal lawyer will come up with a defence that will be supported by evidence – both physical and testimonial. Apart from self-defence and mental impairment, below are the 3 possible criminal defences lawyers may use to win a case.

Sudden Emergency – Some criminal lawyers might argue that the offence committed what the result of a response to a sudden emergency. This defence will put the evidential burden on the defendant whereas the prosecution has the responsibility to prove that the defendant didn’t carry out the offence in response to a sudden emergency.

Necessity – This defence is plausible if the individual who committed the crime did it only to avoid situation where they will be put in danger or in order to protect another person from being harmed.

Charges are Stature Barred – This defence only applies for charges that have gone beyond the period of prosecution. This means that the defendant can’t be prosecuted if a certain period of time has ended.

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